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Two Rivers
Photographs by Joachim Brohm and Alec Soth. Text by Vince Leo and Wolfgang Ullrich.

Walther König
  Photography and Its Shadow
Text by Hagi Kenaan.

Stanford University Press
Ansel Adams' Yosemite
Photographs by Ansel Adams. Text by Pete Souza.

Ansel Adams
  Special Days
Edited by Yvonne Venegas. Text by Cuauhtémoc Medina.

Soft Copy 003
Photographs by Aaron Schuman, Tim Carpenter, Emma Phillips, Bryan Schutmaat, Ben Grieme, and Pat Martin.

Soft Copy
  Hong Kong Lost Laundry
Photographs by Michael Wolf.

Buchkunst Berlin
Give My Regards To Elizabeth
Photographs by Peter Bialobrzeski. Text by Mick Brown and Peter Bialobrzeski.

Dewi Lewis
  Encyclopedia Of Flowers IV
Artwork by Makoto Azuma. Photographs by Shunsuke Shiinoki.

Semiautomatic Photography
Photographs by Jules Spinatsch.

Spector Books
  The Unforgetting
Photographs by Peter Watkins.

Rabbit / Hare
Photographs by David Billet and Ian Kline.

Deadbeat Club
  The Light Fades but the Gods Remain
Photographs by Bill Henson.

Thames & Hudson
New York
Photographs by Giacomo Brunelli. Designed by Milo Montelli.

Photographs by Shannon Taggart.

Fulgur Press
Body Language
Photographs by Allen Wheatcroft. Text by Jeff Mermelstein. Designed by Caleb Cain Marcus.

  Looking Through Le Corbusier Windows
Photographs by Takashi Homma.

Walther König, Köln
The Instant and Its Shadow
Text by Jean-Christophe Bailly. Translated by Samuel E. Martin.

Fordham University Press
  ToiletMartin PaperParr — Limited Edition
Photographs by Martin Parr, Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Text by Pierpaolo Ferrari.

A Diary
Photographs by Daido Moriyama. Text by Hervé Chandès and Ishiuchi Miyako and Mark Holborn and Nick Rhodes and Sandra Phillips and Simon Baker. Editor and Text by Louise Wolthers and Sara Walker.

Walther König, Köln
  The Station
Photographs by Chris Killip.


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