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Photographs by Scott Mead.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2021.   Cat# PX358    ISBN-13: 978-3791386553
Berlin Typography.
Text by Jesse Simon.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2021.   Cat# PX356    ISBN-13: 978-3791387031
Edward S. Curtis: Events Beyond Words.
Photographs by Edward S. Curtis. Text by William Ewing. Contributions by A.D. Coleman and Christopher Cordoza.
DelMonico Books / Prestel, Lakewood, NJ, 2018.   Cat# PX314    ISBN-13: 978-3791357300
Photographs by Peter Mathis. Text by Dauer, Tom.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2020.   Cat# RH099    ISBN-13: 978-3791386492
Ernst Haas. New York in Color, 1952-1962.
Photographs byErnst Haas.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2020.   Cat# RH103    ISBN-13: 978-3791386546
Basic Forms.
Photographs by Bernd and Hilla Becher. Text by Thierry De Duve.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2020.   Cat# PX353    ISBN-13: 978-3791386652
Thomas Ruff.
Photographs by Thomas Ruff.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2020.   Cat# PX357    ISBN-13: 978-3791359809
Henri Cartier-Bresson. Photographer.
Photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Contribution by Yves Bonnefoy.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2020.   Cat# PX346    ISBN-13: 978-3791384832
Photographs by Michael Kenna. Texts by Jens-Uwe Hartmann, Gudrun Melzer and Michael Kenna.
Prestel, Munich, 2020.   Cat# PX335    ISBN-13: 978-3791385082
I Can Make You Feel Good.
Photographs by Tyler Mitchell. Contribution by Deborah Willis and Hans Ulrich Obrist.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2020.   Cat# PX351    ISBN-13: 978-3791386089

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Photographs by Michael Kenna. Texts by Jens-Uwe Hartmann, Gudrun Melzer and Michael Kenna.
Prestel, Munich, 2020.   Cat# PX335    ISBN-13: 978-3791385082

Museum in the Camera.
Text by Jennifer King. Contribution by Michael Govan and Noam M. Elcott.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2020.   Cat# PX350    ISBN-13: 978-3791358277
Madame d'Ora.
Photographs by Madame d'Ora. Text by Monika Faber. Contribution by Esther Ruelfs and Lisa Silverman and Magdelena Vukovic.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2020.   Cat# PX349    ISBN-13: 978-3791359700
By Richard Prince. Text by Robert M. Rubin.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2020.   Cat# PX355    ISBN-13: 978-3791359687
Beyond Architecture.
Photographs by Michael Kenna. Text by Yvonne Meyer-Lohr.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2019.   Cat# PX339    ISBN-13: 978-3791385822
Image and Exploration. Early Travel Photography from 1850 to 1914.
Contribution by Giles Fumey. Edited by Olivier Loiseaux.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2019.   Cat# PX340    ISBN-13: 978-3791385921
Shirin Neshat. I Will Greet the Sun Again.
Photographs by Shirin Neshat. Text by Ed Schad. Contribution by Farzaneh Milani and Godfrey Cheshire and Shirin Neshat.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2019.   Cat# PX345    ISBN-13: 978-3791358758
John Beasley Greene.
Photographs by John Beasley Greene. Edited by Corey Keller.
Prestel, Munich, 2019.   Cat# PX333   

Thomas Joshua Cooper. The World's Edge.
Photographs by Thomas Joshua Cooper. Text by Michael Govan and Rebecca Morse. Contribution by Anne Lyden and Christie Davis and Thomas Joshua Cooper.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2019.   Cat# PX344    ISBN-13: 978-3791358260
Photographs by Candida Höfer. Text by Umberto Eco.
Prestel, Lakewood, 2019.   Cat# PX341    ISBN-13: 978-3791385617

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