Yves Klein.

Photographs by Yves Klein. Text by Klein, Gilbert Perlein, Bruno Cora, Alain Buisine, Nicolas Bourriaud, Jean-Marc Poinsot, and Klein-Moquay.
(not A Regular Publisher), New York, 2001. 264 pp., 90 color illustrations, 12¼x9½".

"At a moment when the progress of technology brings the first half of the twentieth century to the depths of the Middle Ages or the late Empire, the message I bear within me is that of life and nature, and I would have you share it, in as much as my companions will know my thinking even better than myself: for they are thousands, they will reflect it thousands of times, while I myself am only one...At the crossroads of light where I have arrived, there are but two possible paths: the path of obscurity, withdrawal, maceration, meditation, and renunciation, and the more arduous and glorious path of sacrifice to the community."-Yves Klein.

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